DeeJay Academy : Interview Sure

09 mai 2020 à 01h50 - 353 vues
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Tracklist :

REFORMED SOCIETY - Solar Winds (Linearis Recut) [made of concrete]

FAKEAR feat. ALEX METRIC - Carrie [caroline international]

THE TOXIC AVENGER feat. LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER - Lies [enchanté records]

HOWLING - Blind [counter records]

ROBERT ROBERT feat. LIA - Speak [nowadayz records]

PHOTAY - Fanfare for 7.83 Hz [mexican summer]

KELLY LEE OWENS  - Night [smalltown supersound]

HEALING FORCE PROJECT - Temporal Pole (Stndrd Remix) [jazz-o-tech]

SURE - 20 years [weyrd son records]

SURE - Another girl [weyrd son records]

SURE - What’s left [weyrd son records]

SURE - Morrows [weyrd son records]

ST GERMAIN - The First Time (1993) [f communications]


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